Question of The Day10-12-2019

Which Planet in our Solar System has the longest day?


Correct Answer : d ) Venus

Explanation :

Venus has the longest day in our Solar System. It has a day of 243 Earth days, and its day (that depends upon rotation) lasts longer than its year (that depends upon Revolution). It completes its one revolution around the sun in 224.65 Earth days while its one rotation is completed in 243 Earth days.

Moreover, Sun rises from the west on Venus because it has a retrograde rotation i.e., it rotates in the opposite direction to the rest of the planets. It is often seen with naked eyes at the time of dawn from the earth and is therefore called ‘Morning Star’.

On Mercury, the length of a day is 58 Earth days and 15 hours.

On Earth, a day’s length is 24 hours.

On Mars, the length of a day is 24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds.

Hence, (D) is the correct answer.

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