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President’s rule in a state can be imposed on the grounds mentioned under -  


Correct Answer : d ) Both b and c

Explanation :

As per Article 355, it is the duty of the Centre to make sure that the government of every state functions according to the provisions of the Constitution. If there is a failure of constitutional machinery in the state, Article 356 of the Constitution provides for the Centre to take over the government of a state. This is popularly known as President’s rule. It is also called State Emergency or Constitutional Emergency. It can be imposed either on the grounds provided in Article 356 or Article 365.

If the government of a state cannot be continued as per the provisions of the Constitution, the President makes an announcement of the President’s rule under Article 356. On 12th November 2019, President’s rule was imposed in Maharashtra on the ground of Article 356 because no party could form a government in Maharashtra.

President’s rule in a state can also be imposed on the ground of Article 365. Article 365 provides that if there is a failure on the part of a state to follow or implement orders from the Centre, the President can impose President’s rule under Article 356. So, Article 356 and 365 provide grounds for imposition of President’s rule in a state.

Hence, option (d) is correct. 

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