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Which of the following movement was the first Satyagraha movement led by Mahatma Gandhi in India?


Correct Answer : b ) Champaran Satyagraha

Explanation :

In 1915, Gandhiji returned to India at the request of Gopal Krishna Gokhale and took a tour of India to understand the situation of the country and its people. In 1917, Mahatma Gandhi was persuaded by Raj Kumar Shukla to visit Champaran to address the plight of the Indigo cultivators and thus, the first Satyagraha movement began there.

In Champaran, the farmers were forced to grow Indigo (Neel) which being a cash crop requires a large quantity of water and render the soil infertile for growing other crops. The indigo plantation was supposed to be done in 3/20th part of the land under the Tinkathia system. The farmers were provided loans in advance and with increase in demand were forced to increase the production. The cultivators were exploited by the landlords, and the British government was constantly raising the tax even in the situation of famine.

Gandhiji organized protests against the landlords, and finally an agreement was signed to provide compensation to the farmers along with cancellation of revenue hikes and collection until the famine ended. The success of Champaran Satyagraha played an important role in Indian Freedom Struggle.

Hence, (B) is the correct answer.

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