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Question of The Day01-10-2019

Directions: Select the word most opposite in meaning to the given word.



Correct Answer : b ) Stupidity

Explanation :

The meaning of the word “acumen” is “the ability to make good judgements and take quick decisions.”

Let us look at the meaning of the words provided to see which word is opposite in meaning to the word in question:

  • Shrewdness refers to the quality of having or showing good powers of judgement.
  • Stupidity means the behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement.
  • Cleverness refers to the quality of being clever; intelligence or shrewdness.
  • Understanding is the ability to understand something.

From the above meanings, we can see that the words, “shrewdness”, “cleverness” and “understanding” are similar in meaning to the given word. The only word, opposite in meaning to “acumen” is “stupidity”. All the other words can, therefore, be eliminated.

Hence, (B) is the correct answer.

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Question of The Day30-09-2019

What will be the wrong number in the given number series, given that the other numbers follows a certain pattern?

17.11, 19.22, 21.44, 23.66, 25.88, 27.10, 30.32


Correct Answer : c ) 27.10

Explanation :

Consider the given series

17.11, 19.22, 21.44, 23.66, 25.88, 27.10, 30.32            

The logic for the above series can be explained as

17.11 = 17 + 0.11

19.22 = 17 + 2 + 0.11*2

21.44 = 17 + 4 + 0.11*4

23.66 = 17 + 6 + 0.11*6

25.88 = 17 + 8 + 0.11*8

17 + 10 + 0.11*10 = 28.10 ≠ 27.10

30.32 = 17 + 12 + 0.11*12

Thus, 27.10 is the wrong term in the given series

Hence, (C) is the correct answer.

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Question of The Day23-07-2019

Who among the following was referred to as “The Father of the Indian Unrest” by the British authorities?


Correct Answer : b ) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Explanation :

Bal Gangadhar Tilak was born on 23rd July 1856 in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. He was one among the extremist leader in the group ‘Lal Bal Pal’. He was one of the freedom fighters who throughout his life advocated strongly for Purna Swaraj. He was given the title of ‘Lokmanya’, literal meaning accepted by the people. He was called “The father of the Indian Unrest” by the British officials.

He was one of the main proponents of expanding the Swadeshi and the Boycott movement to every part of the country. He also founded the All India Home Rule League in 1916-18. He had been tried for sedition charges many times by the British and was finally given a sentence of 6 years to be spent in Mandalay jail.

He died on 1st August 1920at the age of 62 in Bombay. He is remembered for his famous slogan in Marathi- “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”.

Hence, b is the correct answer.

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