Question of The Day13-09-2020

Kathakali is the classical dance form of which state?


Correct Answer : a ) Kerala

Explanation :

Kathakali is a dance-drama form of Kerala. In its fully developed form, Kathakali started around the 17th century. It is a mixture of dance, music, and acting. In Kathakali, male actors traditionally wear clothes of female dancers, use elaborately colored make-up, costumes and face masks.

In Kathakali, stories of the Indian epics are depicted through drama. Kalamandalam, Krishnan Nair and Ramanakutty Nair were the masters of this dance.

Hence, (A) is the correct answer.

Questions related to Art and Culture and especially dance forms in India are asked in various competitive exams like UPSC CSE, State PCS, UPSC CDS, NDA, SSC CGL, RRB NTPC, etc.

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