Question of The Day14-09-2020

A man is 5 times more efficient than a boy. If boy started working and did work for 20 days and then replaced by man. After that man worked for 5 days and \(9 \over 10\) part of the work gets completed. In how many days a man alone can finish the remaining work?


Correct Answer : c ) \(1\) day

Explanation :

According to the question,

Man is 5 times more efficient than a boy

Let us assume efficiency of man is 5 units and that of boy is 1 unit

We know,

Work done = time taken × efficiency

Now, boy started the work and did work for 20 days

So, amount of work done by boy = 1 × 20 = 20 units

Man worked for 5 days

Thus, amount of work done by man = 5 × 5 = 25 units

Thus, total work done by boy and man = 20 + 25 = 45 units

According to question, 9/10 part of the work gets completed

\({9 \over 10}\)of total work=45 units

\({1 \over 10}\)of total work=5 units

Therefore, time taken by man to compete the 5 units of remaining work will be

\({5 \over efficiency \ of \ man}={5 \over 5}=1\)day

Hence, (c) is the correct answer.

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