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A person X is standing facing another person Y. They both turn 1350 clockwise and start moving forward and both of them cover 5 km.  After covering 5 km X and Y both turns left. If X is standing facing south west finally, then which direction Y is facing finally?


Correct Answer : b ) North-East

Explanation :

Let us assume the initial positions of X and Y are P and Q respectively and the final positions of X and Y are P’ and Q’ respectively

According to the information given, we can show it schematically

Logical Reasoning QOTD Distance and Direction solution-14-oct-2019

According to question the path taken by X initially was

P → 1350 clockwise rotation →walking 5 km → taking left → P’

To retract back the same path, X has to cover the path from P’ to P as shown below

P’ (southwest) → taking right → walking 5 km → 1350 anticlockwise rotation →P (south)

As Y is standing in front of Q initially thus the path taken by Q will be

Q (North) →1350 clockwise rotation →walking 5 km → taking left → Q’

Thus, from the above figure, we can say that the final position of Y will be Q’ i.e North–East.

Hence, (B) is the correct answer.

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