Question of The Day29-07-2022

Match the name of the state given in Column-I with the phrase given in Column-II.



1. Assam

A. Abode of Clouds

2. Meghalaya

B. Land of Red River and Blue hills

3. Uttarakhand

C. God’s own countries

4. Kerala

D. Land of the Gods


Correct Answer : a ) 1-B, 2-A, 3-D, 4-C

Explanation :

Assam is a state in northeastern India whose capital is Dispur. It is termed as the “Land of Blue Hills and Red River”. The state is known for its Tea and silk.

Meghalaya is also a state in northeastern India whose capital is Shillong. It is known as “Abode of Clouds”. It became a full-fledged state on 21 January 1972.

Uttarakhand is known as “Land of Gods” or Devbhumi because it has many Hindu pilgrimage sites.

Kerala is a state in South India whose capital is Thiruvananthapuram. It is known as “God’s own Country”. It is called the paradise due to its lush green scenic landscapes and clean beaches.

Hence, option (A) is correct.

This question was asked in Haryana PCS Prelims Exam held on 24 July 2022.

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