Question of The Day18-11-2020

Peru is located in ________________ part of South America.


Correct Answer : d ) Eastern

Explanation :

Peru is located in the western part of South America. Its capital and largest city is Lima. Its currency is Sol. Ecuador and Colombia lie in the North of Peru. Brazil and Bolivia are located in its east and southeast, respectively. Chile lies in the South of Peru. Pacific Ocean borders Peru on the South and West. Huascarán or Mataraju is the highest peak in Peru. Marañón, Apurimac, and Mantaro rivers originate in Peru.

Peru was recently in the news because its interim President, Manuel Merino, resigned within five days after taking charge on 10 November 2020. He became interim President after Peru’s legislature called Congress impeached Martin Vizcarra, President of Peru over corruption charges. The impeachment of Martin Vizcarra led to protests in Peru and protesters were asking for the resignation of Manuel Merino. Francisco Sagasti has been elected as Peru’s new interim President till 2021.

Hence, the correct answer is (c).

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