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A 2 m wide pathway is developed parallel to the rectangular park’s boundary. If the breadth of the park is 15 m and the area of the park is 300 m2, then what will be the area of the pathway?


Correct Answer : a ) 124 m2

Explanation :

Let us assume the length of the park will be x m.

According to the given information, the schematic of the park can be shown as

Quantitative Aptitude Mensuration

As, given breadth of park = 15 m

And, Area of park = 300 m2

Length * breadth = 300 m2

15x = 300

x = 20 m


Length of the pathway inside boundary will be ⇒ 20 – 2 – 2 = 16 m

And, breadth of the pathway inside boundary will be ⇒ 15 – 2 – 2 = 11 m


Area of the pathway = area of park – shaded area

= 300 – (16 x 11)

= 124 m2

Hence, (A) is the correct answer.

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