Question of The Day18-10-2019

Which of the following BRICS nation has been the worst performer in the annual Global Competitiveness Index 2019?


Correct Answer : c ) India

Explanation :

World Economic Forum in its annual Global Competitiveness Report ranks nations on the basis of the Global Competitiveness index. Global Competitiveness Index measures the level of the economic prosperity of nations around the globe. It is based on twelve factors that show the competitiveness of the world’s nations. These factors are:

  • Institutions
  • Infrastructure
  • Macroeconomic framework
  • Education at the primary level and health
  • Higher education
  • Goods market
  • Labor market
  • Financial market
  • Production of new goods
  • Innovation
  • Market size
  • Ability to use technology

Global Competitiveness Index rankings, 2019 has been topped by Singapore, followed by the United States and Hong Kong. The United States was at the top position in 2018 rankings. Among the BRICS nations, China has topped the 2019 rankings. India had dropped from its position by 10 places. It has been the worst performer among BRICS nations. Brazil, another BRICS nation was also ranked at the same level along with India.

Hence, (c) is the correct answer.

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