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Three persons A, B and C can complete a project in 20, 25 and 45 days respectively. All of them decided to work together, but after 3 days A left the group and C left the group 2 days before the completion of the work. For how many days B did the work on the project?


Correct Answer : a ) \(14 {3 \over 8}days\)

Explanation :

Quick Approach

Let us assume total work be LCM (20, 25 and 45 days) = 900 units

From the above figure we can say that

Work done in the first 3 days = (Efficiency of A, B, and C) * 3 = (45 + 36 + 20) * 3 = 101 * 3 = 303 units

Now, as in the last 2 days C also left the group so in last 2 days work will be done by only B

Thus, work done in last 2 days = 2 * efficiency of B = 2 * 36 = 72 units

Now, remaining work = 900 – (303 + 72) = 525 units

As, the remaining work was complete by both B and C so,

Time taken by B and C to complete the work=\({525 \over (36+20)}={525 \over 56}=9{3 \over 8} \space days\)

Now, time for which B worked on the project will be the total time in which the whole project will be completed

So, total time to finish the work will be

\(3+ 9{3 \over 8}+2=14 { 3 \over 8} \space days\)

Hence, (a) is the correct answer.

Basic Approach

Let us assume total work be completed in X days

A, B, and C alone can complete a piece of work in 20, 25 and 45 days respectively

1 day work of A=\({1 \over 20}\)

1 day work of B=\({1 \over 25}\)

1 day work of C=\({1 \over 45}\)


Work completed by A, B, and C together in 1 day

=\({1 \over 20}+{1 \over 25}+{1 \over 45} ={101 \over 900}\)

Work completed by A, B, and C together in 3 days=\(3* {101 \over 900}\)=\({303 \over 900}\)

Now, 1 day work of B and C together=\({1 \over 25}+{1 \over 45}={9+5 \over 225}={14 \over 225}\)

According to the question,

\({303 \over 900}+(x-5){14 \over 225}+{2 \over 25}=1\)

\({303+56(x-5)+72 \over 900}=1\)

\({303+56x-280+72 \over 900}=1\)

\(x={805 \over 56}=14 {3 \over 8} \space days\)

Hence, (a) is the correct answer.

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