Question of The Day21-03-2021

What is the shortest distance between origin and the line 12x + 5y = 26?


Correct Answer : b ) 2

Explanation :

The shortest distance from a point P (x1, y1) to the straight-line having equation Ax + By + c = 0 will be the length of the perpendicular drawn from point P to the line Ax + By + C = 0

Distance=\({|Ax_1+By_1+C| \over \sqrt{A^2+B^2}}\)

Thus, shortest distance between origin (0, 0) and line 12x + 5y – 26 = 0 will be

Distance=\({|0+0-26| \over \sqrt{12^2+5^2}} ={26 \over 13}\)=2 unit

Hence, (b) is the correct answer.

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