Question of The Day27-04-2022

The Committee on Financial Sector Assessment is co-chaired by whom?


Correct Answer : b ) Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India and Finance Secretary Government of India

Explanation :

The government of India constituted the Committee on Financial Sector Assessment (CFSA) in consultation with RBI. The Committee was chaired by the then Deputy Governor of RBI Dr. Rakesh Mohan and Dr. D Subbarao, then Finance Secretary, Government of India. The committee undertook a comprehensive assessment of the Indian financial sector focusing on stability and development. Four Advisory Panels for the assessment of Financial Stability Assessment and Stress Testing, Financial Regulation and Supervision, Institutions and Market Structure and Transparency Standards were constituted to assist the Committee in the process of assessment

Hence, option (B) is correct.

This question was asked in GS paper 1 of MPPSC SSE Prelims Exam 2020. 



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