Question of The Day26-06-2022

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding Summer Solstice?

1. It occurs on 21 June in the southern hemisphere to mark the beginning of summer.

2. It results in the longest day in a calendar year. 

Select the correct code:


Correct Answer : c ) 2 only

Explanation :

21 June is the day of Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It marks the beginning of astronomical summer in this hemisphere while in the southern hemisphere, it marks the beginning of winters.

It occurs when the earth is tilted maximum towards the earth. It results in the longest day in a calendar year as earth receives daylight for the longest period during the day.

Winter Solstice happens on 22 December which marks the beginning of winters in the northern hemisphere. 

21 June is also celebrated as International Yoga Day.

Hence, option (C) is correct.



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