Question of The Day02-04-2021

Which of the following instrument is used to measure Soil Water Tension?


Correct Answer : d ) Tensiometer

Explanation :

A Tensiometer in soil science is a measuring instrument used to determine the matric water potential in the vadose zone.

A Photometer is an instrument that measures the strength of electromagnetic radiation in the range from ultraviolet to infrared and including the visible spectrum.

Pyrometers are the temperature measuring devices used to detect the object's temperature and electromagnetic radiation emitted.

A Psychrometer measures the relative humidity in the atmosphere through the use of two thermometers:

  • A dry bulb thermometer is used to measure the temperature by being exposed to the air.
  • A wet-bulb thermometer measures temperature by having the bulb dipped in a liquid.

Hence, option (d) is correct.

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