QOTD-Verbal Reasoning-Choose the appropriate option to fill in the blank

2019-07-08 | Team PendulumEdu

There are a large number of measures to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________ entrepreneurship in start-ups, including a very interesting proposal to have a dedicated television channel.

   A. Advertise

   B. Improve

   C. Develop

   D. Assist

   E. Promote

Solution: The sentence is indicating the course of action or plans being introduced towards boosting the growth of entrepreneurship in start-ups.

Let us look at the meaning of the words provided to see which word accords with the context of the sentence. The word that would fit the blank should replace, ‘boosting the growth’.

  • Advertise means to make something known generally or in public, especially in order to sell it.
  • Improve means to become better.
  • Develop refers to (cause something to) elaborate.
  • Assist is to help.
  • Promote means to support or actively encourage (a cause, venture, etc.).

From the above, we can see that we can eliminate the words, ‘advertise’, ‘develop’ and ‘assist’ as neither are we selling anything nor causing anything to elaborate or helping anything.

Confusion may arise between ‘improve’ and ‘promote’; whereas the meaning of ‘improve’ indicates becoming better but it does not accord with ‘boosting of growth’; therefore, it can be eliminated.

The only word that fits the blank is ‘promote’.

Hence, (E) is the correct answer.

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