Daily Current Affairs and GK | 13 June 2020


1. Two decisions related to not filing GST taken in the 40th meeting of GST Council

  • In the 40th meeting of the GST Council, two decisions related to fines were not taken for not filing GST.
  • It added that between July 2017 and January 2020, penalties would not be imposed for the delay on registered companies filing zero GST returns.
  • While a maximum fine of Rs 500 has been imposed for not filing GST sales returns between July 2017 to January 2020.
  • Also, for small taxpayers doing business up to Rs 5 crore, the interest rate for GST returns of February, March and April 2020 has been reduced to 9%.
  • In addition, small taxpayers have been given time to file returns by 30 September 2020.
  • Goods and Services Tax Council:
    • It is described under Article 279A of the Indian Constitution.
    • It is a constitutional body.
    • This body makes recommendations to the Central and State governments on issues related to Goods and Services Tax.
    • This council is headed by the Union Finance Minister.

(Source: News on AIR)

2. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare launched Sahakar Mitra Internship Program

  • Recently, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar launched the Sahakar Mitra Internship Program.
  • The objective of this program is to provide paid internship to the youth.
  • This will provide project loan to young cooperative entrepreneurs.
  • Under this scheme, youth will be able to undertake paid internships in various fields including agriculture and allied sectors, agribusiness, cooperation, finance, international trade, forestry, rural development and project management.
  • In addition, each intern will also receive financial support for a period of more than four months.
  • The National Cooperative Development Corporation will create an environment of entrepreneurship development in the cooperative sector through capacity development.

(Source: News on AIR)

3. National Highways Authority of India goes fully Digital

  • Recently the National Highways Authority of India has gone completely digital.
  • It now has a unique cloud-based and artificial intelligence-driven Big Data Analytics platform.
  • All project documentation, contractual decisions and approvals are now being made only through the portal.
  • The Highway Construction Organization is first to integrate data lake and project management software for transparency, speed and quick decision making in the process.
  • National Highway Authority of India (NHAI):
    • National Highways Authority of India is an autonomous agency of the Government of India.
    • It is a nodal agency of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
    • It was founded in 1988.
    • Its headquarters is located in New Delhi.

(Source: News on AIR)

4. Vice Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta, new Chief of Staff, Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam

  • Recently Vice-Admiral Biswajit Dasgupta assumed the charge of Chief of Staff of the Eastern Naval Command, Visakhapatnam.
  • Biswajit Dasgupta is an alumnus of the National Defense Academy.
  • He was commissioned in the Indian Navy in 1985.
  • Biswajit Dasgupta is an expert in navigation and direction.

(Source: News on AIR)

5. Veteran Urdu poet Gulzar Dehlvi passed away

  • Veteran Urdu poet Anand Mohan Zutshi or Gulzar Dehlvi died at his residence in Noida.
  • He was a freedom fighter and a prominent revolutionary poet.
  • He was born in 1926 in Old Delhi.
  • He was also the editor of Science World, the first Urdu science magazine published by the Government of India in 1975.

(Source: News on AIR)

6. Darshan in Guruvayur temple closed again from Saturday

  • Recently a decision has been taken to stop Darshan again at Guruvayur Temple.
  • Also, the Guruvayur Devaswom Board has decided to stop marriages in Sri Krishna temple.
  • The temple was opened on 5 June after 80 days of lockdown.
  • Guruvayur Temple:
    • It is one of the oldest temples in India.
    • It is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Hindu deity Guruvayurappan, a four-armed form of the Hindu god Vishnu.
    • It is located in the city of Guruvayur in Kerala.

(Source: The Hindu)

7. Lonar lake of Maharashtra has changed colour of water to pink

  • Lonar lake water of Maharashtra has changed colour to pink in recent times.
  • The lake water turns red every year during the rainy season. However, it turned pink this year.
  • A sample of water from the Lonar lake has been collected and given to the National Environmental Research Institute, Nagpur for scientific testing.
  • Possible reasons behind the change in water colour may be low water levels, with an increase in salinity and a change in algae behavior due to the atmosphere.
  • Lonar Lake:
    • It is a notified national geo heritage monument, saline, soda Lake that is located in Maharashtra.
    • It is also known as Lonar Crater.
    • It formed about 50,000 years ago after a meteorite fell on Earth.

8. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated Mumbai's new Integrated Flood Warning System (IFLOWS)

  • Recently, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated the new integrated flood warning system (IFLOWS) developed for Mumbai.
  • It would be possible to estimate the flood three days before with it’s use.
  • This system saved the city from heavy losses by warning against the recently arrived Nisarga cyclone.
  • The Ministry of Earth Sciences has developed this system with in house expertise and coordination with the Mumbai Municipal Corporation.
  • Mumbai is the second city in the country to launch such a system after Chennai. Such systems will also be introduced in Kolkata and Bengaluru in 2021.

(Source: News on AIR)

9. First estimation practice of Indian gaur in Nilgiris

  • In recent years the first population estimation exercise of Indian Gaur was practiced in Nilgiris. It was held in February this year.
  • This estimate found that more than 2,000 Indian Gaurs reside in the region.
  • It also revealed that most animals live close to human habitat due to rapidly decreasing habitat, increasing their chances of conflict with humans.
  • Indian Gaur:
    • It is also called Bison.
    • It is a large type of wild cattle.
    • Its scientific name is Bos Gaurus.
    • Its IUCN status is Vulnerable.

(Source: The Hindu)

10. Textile major Arvind Limited will adopt anti-viral textile technology for apparel products

  • Textiles major Arvind Limited has announced the adoption of an anti-viral textile technology for apparel products.
  • This technique is helpful in reducing the ability of re-transmission of pathogens through clothing.
  • The anti-viral textile technique uses HeiQ Viroblock, which actively inhibits the virus on the garment and kills the virus upon contact.
  • HeiQ Viroblock:
    • It is an intelligent Swiss textile technique that is added to the fabric during the last stage of the textile manufacturing process. It is a special combination of advanced silver and vesicle technology.

(Source: The Hindu)



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