Question of The Day11-04-2023

Chairperson and Members of the State Human Rights Commission are appointed by


Correct Answer : a ) Governor

Explanation :

The Chairperson and other Members of State Human Rights Commission shall be appointed by the Governor.

Provided that every appointment under this sub-section shall be made after obtaining the recommendation of a Committee consisting of

(a) The Chief Minister - chairperson;

(b) Speaker of the Legislative Assembly - member;

(c) Minister in-charge of the Department - member; of Home in that State

(d) Leader of the Opposition in the -member: Legislative Assembly  

The Chairperson of the Commission should be a retired Chief Justice or a Judge of a High Court and the other members should be serving or retired judge of a High Court or a District Judge with a minimum of 7 years experience as District judge and a person having knowledge or practical experience with respect to human rights.

Hence, (a) is the correct answer.



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