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Direction: In the given question, statement grammatically and idiomatically correct is given with two blanks. Find the combination which can most suitably complete the sentence without altering the meaning of the statement.

The government is set to bring non-banking finance companies within the _________ of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, but in a slightly tweaked form, to firewall the rest of the financial system from any possible _______ impact.


Correct Answer : b ) Ambit, adverse

Explanation :

Solution: The sentence essentially states that the government is planning to bring non-banking finance companies within the range of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code in a way that it does not have any harmful effect on the rest of the financial system.

The option chosen should replace “within the range (first blank)” and “harmful (second blank)” in the above context.

There is a certain approach that we can follow to solve this kind of question with two filers. We can call it the First Blank First or Second Blank First approach. As per this approach, we first check for the words for either the first or the second blank, eliminate options that do not fit that blank, and then approach the next blank (second or first) with the options that remain after elimination.

For this question, we follow the Second Blank First approach, i.e. we check for the words that fit the second blank first and then accordingly proceed to the first blank.

Let us look at the meaning of the words provided for the second blank:

  • Poor means to be of a low or inferior standard.
  • Adverse refers to being unfavourable or which may be harmful.
  • Dreadful is something that causes great suffering or unhappiness.
  • Favourable is to be of advantage to something or someone.

From the above meanings, we can see that the word “favourable” is opposite in meaning to the context, and the words “dreadful” and “poor” do not accord with the context. Hence, we can eliminate these words. The word that best fits the blank is “adverse”.

Since we have only one word for the second blank, we are left with only one choice for the first blank, that is, “ambit”, which also means “within the scope, extent or range of” and can hence, be used for the first blank.

Hence, (B) is the correct answer.

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