Question of The Day10-11-2019

Rearrange the given four sentences A, B, C and D in a proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and choose the option that gives the correct sequence.

  1. This realisation has led some philosophers to embrace a curious form of pessimism, arguing there are bound to be things we will never understand.
  2. Human brains are the product of blind and unguided evolution.
  3. Human science will therefore one day hit a hard limit – and may already have done so.
  4. They were designed to solve practical problems impinging on our survival and reproduction, not to unravel the fabric of the universe.


Correct Answer : d ) BDAC

Explanation :

The passage talks about the limits of the understanding of the universe that humans can achieve with the human brain.

Sentence B talks about how today’s human brain has come to this point and it essentially tells that there was no particular path that was already designed. The evolution occurred through the blind and unguided path. This is the statement which the author further strengthens in the other sentences. Therefore, it is the choice for the first sentence.

Connecting Words: They were designed to (B and D)

Sentence D tells that human brains were not designed to know the universe but to solve other problems like survival and reproduction, which strengthens the argument presented by the author in sentence B. Hence, sentence D is the second sentence.

Connecting Words: This realization has led (D and A)

Sentence A further tells about the consequence of the thought presented in sentence B and D and makes a way towards the conclusion of the passage. It talks about the existence of the boundary of things that the human brain will never understand.

Sentence C is a concluding sentence that concludes the passage by saying that human science is going to hit a limit and may already have done so. Hence this makes an obvious choice for the last sentence.

Therefore, the correct sequence is BDAC.

Hence, option (d) is the correct answer.

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