Question of The Day09-02-2021

Each of the following sentences has a word or phrase underlined. Read the sentences carefully and find which part of speech the underlined word belongs to. Indicate your response on the answer sheet accordingly.


The gift box has chocolates and letters for the birthday countdown.


Correct Answer : c ) Main verb

Explanation :

The underlined word is expressing the main action which is possession.

This possession is of the gift box which contains chocolates and letters.

The word ‘has’ is also used to express an action of present or if used with ‘third form of verb’ then for present perfect (has created).

In that case, it is a helping verb.

An auxiliary or helping verb is a word that expresses action or state (being).

For example: were, is, are, was, will, has etc.

But here, it (has) is a main verb as it is expressing an action.

‘Has’ and ‘have’ act as main verb if they express possession in any sentence.

Hence, (c) is the correct answer.

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