Question of The Day30-05-2020

Identify the suitable phrase to replace the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘no improvement’

The entire team that went on the mission emphasised me accepting the honour.


Correct Answer : d ) My accepting

Explanation :

If ‘Gerund’ is preceded by a Pronoun, that Pronoun must be in Possessive case.

A gerund is -ing form of the verb which functions as a noun.

For instance:

The young kid is swimming (verb) in the river.

Swimming (gerund) is my hobby.

‘Me’ is an objective case of Pronoun. Whereas, ‘my’ is the possessive case.

So, we will have to replace ‘me’ with ‘my’.

The entire team that went on the mission emphasised my accepting the order. (Correct).

Hence, the correct answer is option d.

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