Question of The Day14-11-2019

Which of the following pollutants is not included in the calculation of Air Quality Index (AQI)?


Correct Answer : b ) NO

Explanation :

Launched on September 17, 2014, the Air Quality Index is used to let people know air quality status in easy to understand terms. In Air Quality Index, air quality is expressed through six categories, namely Good (0–50), Satisfactory (51–100), Moderately polluted (101–200), Poor (201–300), Very Poor (301–400), and Severe (401–500).

Air Quality Index is produced by converting air quality data of eight pollutants into a single number (index value). Eight pollutants are PM (Particulate Matter) 10, PM 2.5, NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), SO2 (Sulphur Dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide), O3 (ozone), NH3 (Ammonia) and Pb (Lead).

Nitric oxide (NO) is not included in the calculation of the Air Quality Index (AQI). While PM 2.5 refers to particulate matter of 2.5 micrometers or less diameter, PM 10 refers to particulate matter 10 micrometers or less diameter. Recently, Air Quality Index value has been above 500 in Delhi, and a public health emergency was declared.

Hence, option (b) is correct.

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