Question of The Day17-08-2020

What will be the area of the shaded region in the figure if the radius of each semicircle is 7 cm?


Correct Answer : c ) 490 cm2

Explanation :

Construction: In the given figure, draw two perpendiculars from point F to line CD and CE.

Area of common portion CFHI will be = (Area of quarter circle CJFG + Area of quarter circle CIFH) – Area of square

We know,

Area of quadrant CJFG and CIFH =\(\dfrac{1}{4}(π(r)^2)\) and Area of square CGFH = (side)2

\(⇒Area \: of \: CFHI=\dfrac{1}{4}(π(7)^2)+\dfrac{1}{4}(π(7)^2)-7^2\)

\(Area \:of \:CFHI=\dfrac{49}{4}π+\dfrac{49}{4}π-49\)

\(Area \: of \:CFHI=\dfrac{49}{2}×\dfrac{22}{7}-49=77-49=28 \space cm^2\)

Now, Area of Shaded region will be = Area of quadrant ACB – Area of semicircle EFC – area of semicircle CFD + Area of CFHI

\(⇒\dfrac{1}{4}π(28)^2-\dfrac{1}{2}π(7)^2-\dfrac{1}{2}π(7)^2+28 \space cm^2\)


\(⇒147×\dfrac{22}{7}+28=462+28=490 \space cm^2\)

Hence, (c) is the correct answer.

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