Question of The Day28-12-2021

__________ adherence to extreme political ideas and violent solutions characterized the last years of a leader who was, surprisingly, a very peace loving and flexible leader of his time.

Select exactly two answer choices that best complete the sentence and produce sentences that are alike in meaning.

A. Frantic

B. Intransigent

C. Wavering

D. Dogged

E. Vacillating

F. High


Correct Answer : a ) AE

Explanation :

It is being said in the first part of the sentence that the leader had a desperate adherence to extreme political solutions and violence in the later years whereas in the latter part it is said that he was not the same in early age.So, we need some words that imparts meaning of strong adherence.

Vacillating and wavering means not resolute.

Frantic and Intransigent means uncompromising and desperate.

Dogged means persistent in effort.

High means having a great extent

Looking at the above options, option A is the correct answer.



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