Question of The Day26-04-2020

When did the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act come into force?


Correct Answer : a ) 24 April 1993

Explanation :

73rd Constitutional Amendment Act came into force on 24 April 1993 after receiving President's assent. The act provides constitutional status to Panchayats. This day is being celebrated as National Panchayati Raj Day since 2010 every year. The constitutional status given to Panchayats marks the decentralization of political power at the grassroots level.

One of the Gandhian principles mentioned in the Directive Principles of State Policy is the establishment of village Panchayats to function as units of self-government had also been realized with the passage of this amendment act. 

Panchayati Raj system in India is a three tier system- Panchayat at village level, Intermediate Panchayat and District Panchayat at district level. 

Hence, (a) is the correct answer.

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