Daily Current Affairs and GK | 11 January 2020

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1. Union Home Minister inaugurated Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center (I4C) and National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

  • Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination center and National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal.
  • The I4C is in New Delhi.
  • The portal will enable citizens to report cybercrimes online through the portal.


2. Curb on internet services should be reviewed by Jammu and Kashmir administration: SC

  • Supreme Court has asked the Jammu and Kashmir administration to review the curb on the internet services in Jammu and Kashmir.
  • The curb violates Article 19 of the constitution i.e. Right to Freedom as freedom of expression through the medium of the internet is an integral part of Article 19.
  • Jammu and Kashmir: It is a Union Territory of India with the capital Srinagar.


3. Government notified the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019

  • The Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 has come into the force with government notifying the act in the gazette.
  • The act would come into force from January 10, 2020.
  • The act amends Citizenship Act 1955 to consider non-Muslim migrants that came to India from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan eligible for Indian Citizenship.


4. Citizens grievances can be filed on CPGRAMS portal in Indian languages

  • The citizens will be able to file their complaints on the CPGRAMS portal in Indian languages soon.
  • Many states have launched similar models like Jammu and Kashmir has launched “Awaaz-e-Aam” the grievance redressal cell, which will be linked to the CPGRAMS model.
  • CPGRAMS Model:
    • Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) is a system under DARPG (Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances), Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions that started in 2007.
    • Through this, any citizen can put up their complaints to the central, state government, or any government department.


5. Paperless licensing process launched for petroleum road tankers by DPIIT

  • Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has launched a paperless licensing process to facilitate the transportation of petroleum road tankers by DPIIT.
  • Under this, the application can be filed online, and intimidation would be sent through SMS, Email. 
  • DPIIT is a department under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

6. India’s 2020 Energy policy Review launched by IEA

  • According to IEA’s review of India’s Energy Policy, India is the third-largest consumer of oil, fourth-largest oil refiner and a net exporter of refined products.
  • The rate of growth of India’s oil consumption is expected to surpass that of China.
  • The government aims to increase the share of natural gas in the country’s energy structure to 15% by 2020.
  • India’s per capita emission is 1.6 tonnes of CO2, which is below the global average of 4.4 tonnes.
  • By December 2019, India has deployed 84 GW of grid-connected renewable energy capacity by the end of 2019.
  • International Energy Agency(IEA)- It is an autonomous organization whose secretariat is in Paris, France.


7. World Bishwa Ijtema begins in Bangaladesh

  • World Bishwa Ijtema, the world's second-largest Muslim congregation, begins on Turag river bank near Dhaka in Bangladesh.
  • Haj is the world’s largest Muslim congregation.
  • Under this, the Muslim scholars give a sermon to the devotees.
  • The Ijtema begins with Aam Bayan and ends with final prayers called ‘Akheri Munajat’.
  • The congregation has drawn devotees from 150 countries of the world.


8. State Energy Efficiency Index 2019 released

  • The Power ministry has released the State Energy Efficiency Index, which tracks the progress of 36 states and Union Territories.
  • The index is developed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency jointly with Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy.
  • It measures the states' energy efficiency based on five indicators i.e. buildings, industry, municipalities, transport, agriculture, and DISCOMs.
  • Haryana, Karnataka, and Kerala have scored the top three ranks while Manipur, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand and Rajasthan performed worst.


9. Amma Vodi scheme started as one of the Navratanalu flagship programs in Andhra Pradesh

  • Under the Navratanalu flagship program, the Amma Vodi scheme has been started.
  • Under the scheme, the students from Below Poverty Line Category, belonging to both public and private schools from class 1 to 12, are included.
  • The schemes aim to provide a scholarship of INR 15000 /- annum to the three BPL students from each class who has at least 75% attendance in the school.
  • An amount of 6318 crores has been allocated for the scheme.


10. Prime Minister to inaugurate three colonial buildings in Kolkata after their renovation

  • Prime Minister will dedicate the Currency Building, Metcalfe Hall and Belvedere House in Kolkata to the nation.
  • Metcalfe Hall: The building was built to honor the efforts of Lord Metcalfe towards a free press. It is known for its 30 Corinthian Pillars.
  • Belvedere House: It was Mir Jafar’s palace before being occupied by the Britishers. It housed several governors and viceroys.
  • Currency Building: The building was built in 1833 and was used RBI till 1937. The building has been declared a protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India.


11. Hampi Utsav 2020 begins

  • Hampi Festival is the largest festival of Hampi in Karnataka. It is also known as Vijay Utsav.
  • The festival is one of the largest festivals to celebrate the remains of the Vijayanagar empire or Hampi sites which are also a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List as Group of Monuments of Hampi.


12. Vice President to formally inaugurate HD-BRTS

  • Vice President of India will inaugurate the Hubballi- Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in February 2020.
  • HD-BRTS has won the national award for the best BRTS projects in the country.
  • It is a World Bank-funded project.
  • Hubballi and Dharwad are the twin cities in Karnataka.


13. Banashankari Devi fair begins

  • The Banashanakari Devi fair is organised in Karnataka.
  • It is organized in devotion to Banashankari Devi (a form of Goddess Parvati) and lasts for 10 to 12 days.
  • The weaver community mainly worship Banashankari Devi.
  • The Banashankari Devi temple is in Karnataka and is built in the Dravidian style.


Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs)

1. Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) recently inaugurated by Union Home Minister is located in-

A. Kolkata

B. New Delhi

C. Pune

D. Lucknow


2. Which of the following departments has launched paperless licensing process for road tankers for transporting petroleum?

A. Department of Commerce

B. Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade

C. Department of Economic Affairs

D. Department of Financial Services


3. CPGRAMS portal is an initiative of which of the following ministry?

A. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

B. Ministry of Commerce and Industry

C. Ministry of Finance

D. Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change


4. On 10th January the provisions of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 came into force. This act amends which of the following

A. Citizenship Act 2001

B. Citizenship Act 1999

C. Citizenship Act 1955

D. Citizenship Act 1951


5. Article 19 of the Indian Constitution is related to-

A. Right to Equality

B. Right to Freedom

C. Right to Constitutional Remedies

D. Right to Education


6. According to the IEA's review of India 2020 Energy Policy, India is the ________largest consumer of oil.

A. Second

B. Third

C. Fourth

D. Fifth


7. What is Biswa Ijtema?

A. A Muslim congregation

B. A tribal festival

C. A type of painting

D. A type of mosque architecture


8. Which of the following states has topped the State Energy Efficiency Index 2019?

A. Karnataka

B. Kerala

C. Haryana

D. Jharkhand


9. Metcalfe Hall is located in-

A. Pune

B. Kolkata

C. Bengaluru

D. Kanpur


10. Hubballi and Dharwad are the two cities of which Indian State?

A. Odisha

B. Maharashtra

C. Karnataka

D. Andhra Pradesh


11. Banashankari Devi fair is being organised in-

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Kerala

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. Karnataka


12. Amma Vodi Scheme is flagship scheme of the Andhra Pradesh government which is related to-

A. Women Empowerment

B. Scholarship to School Children

C. Pension scheme for old age people

D. Health insurance



1. B

2. B

3. A

4. C

5. B

6. B

7. A

8. C

9. B

10. C

11. D

12. B 





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