Question of The Day23-05-2020

Given below are four jumbled sentences. Pick the option that gives their correct order to form a meaningful paragraph.

A. Because of the sun, or any source of light, different parts of an object may look darker or lighter.

B. Usually, its bottom areas are much darker than areas near the top.

C. Have you ever seen a ball sitting in the sun?

D. Objects in the world rarely appear to be just one shade.


Correct Answer : d ) DACB

Explanation :

The first sentence will be ‘D’, where it all starts with the objects in the world. It is followed by ‘A’ where the given statement in D is further explained by saying that different parts of an object look different because of the sun.

Then a question arises in ‘C’, and the answer to the question is given in ‘B’.

‘C’ follows ‘A’ because the concept of an object appearing darker and lighter has been explained with the help of this question and its answer is ‘B’.

Hence, (d), i.e., DACB, is the correct answer.

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