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Direction: In the given question, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below the sentence alternatives to the bold part are given at (A), (B), (C) and (D) which may help improve the sentence grammatically or idiomatically. Choose the correct alternative. In case the given sentence is correct, your answer is (E), i.e., ‘No correction required’.

Akash's idea was bound to fail, coz he had bitten more than he can eat.


Correct Answer : d ) bitten more than he could chew

Explanation :

The phrase ‘bitten more than he can eat’, makes incorrect use of the tense and an idiom.

The correct idiom to be used is “bite more than you can chew”, which means to try to do something that is too difficult for you. Since, the sentence is in past tense, the use of the verb ‘can’ is incorrect as it is in present tense; the correct verb to be used in place of ‘can’ is ‘could’.

The other options provided are incorrect variations of the above idiom, therefore, can be eliminated.

Hence, (d) is the correct answer.

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