Daily Current Affairs and GK | 2 December 2020

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Topic: National News

1. A tribal festival, ‘Aadi Mahotsav’, launched by Union Tribal Affairs Minister.

  • A ten-day tribal festival, Aadi Mahotsav, has been launched by the Union Tribal Affairs Minister.
  • It will be organised by the TRIFED in a virtual mode.
  • This year’s festival will focus on the tribal craft and culture of Madhya Pradesh.
  • It is an effort to connect the masses to the tribal people.
  • Arjun Munda is the current Minister of Tribal Affairs.
  • Aadi Mahotsav:
    • It was started in 2017.
    • It is celebrated to create awareness about the rich and diverse tribal culture, crafts, cuisine and commerce.

ten day tribal festival

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Topic: Defence

2. Border Security Force (BSF) celebrated its 56th Raising day.

  • The Border Security Force has celebrated its 56th raising day on 1 December.
  • Border Security Force is the first-line defense of India. It is protecting the international border of India along with Pakistan and Bangladesh borders.
  • Border Security Force (BSF):
    • It was founded on 1 December 1965 after the Indo-Pak 1965 war.
    • ‘Jeevan Paryant Kartavya’ is the motto of the Border Security Force.
    • Its headquarters is located in New Delhi.
    • It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs.
    • Rakesh Asthana is the current Director-General of the Border Security Force.

56th raising day

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Topic: Infrastructure and Energy

3. World-class premium grade Petrol (Octane 100) launched by IndianOil.

  • World-class premium-grade Petrol (Octane 100) has been launched by IndianOil.
  • Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Steel, Dharmendra Pradhan, has launched petrol across 10 cities.
  • Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad are those ten cities.
  • The petrol is branded as XP100. IndianOil R&D has indigenously created technology for India’s first100 Octane petrol.  
  • The Minister said that BS-VI category fuels have already been implemented since April 2020.
  • 100 Octane petrol would be made available in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Kolkata in the second phase.
  • 100 Octane petrol is currently available only in six countries. 100 Octane petrol means it contains 100% isooctane and 0% heptane.
  • Higher Octane number means that fuel will remain unaffected by higher compression. Fuel with a high octane number does not cause harm to the engine.
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IndianOil) is one of the Maharatna public sector companies. It is the largest commercial oil company in India.

Topic: Indian Economy

4. Rs 62,782 crore came to India as FPI inflows.

  • As of 28 November 2020, Rs 62,782 crore came to India as FPI inflows. This comprised of Rs 60,358 crore as equity inflows and Rs2,424 crore as FPI net investment in debt and hybrid securities.
  • FPI inflow in equity in November 2020 is the highest since National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) makes FPI data available. Total FPI inflow was highest on 12 November. It stood at Rs 11,056 crore.
  • FDI inflows in the second quarter of FY 2020-21 (July 2020 -September 2020) stood at US$ 28,102 million. Out of this, FDI equity inflows were US$ 23,441 million.
  • Total FDI equity inflows till September of the current financial year reached US$30,004 million. This is 15% higher than the same period of last financial year (2019-20). In terms of Rupee, this is 23% higher than last year.
  • FDI equity inflows and total FDI inflows in 2019-2020 were the highest in the last six years.
  • Total corporate bond issuances of Rs 4.43 lakh crore in the first half of FY21 (H1 FY21) were 25% more than the issuances of Rs 3.54 lakh crore in the same period of the previous financial year (H1 FY20).
  • Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) is the route by which an investor holds the securities and financial assets in another country. Still, it does not provide direct control over the company’s assets.
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) means investment by persons who are residents outside India through shares, bonds, etc., in an unlisted Indian company.
  • FDI also means investment by persons who are resident outside India in 10% or more of post-issue paid-up equity capital (paid-up share capital after issuance of shares) of a listed Indian company.

Topic: Geography

5. Cyclone ‘Burevi’ over Bay of Bengal could hit Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

  • Cyclonic Storm ‘Burevi' over southwest Bay of Bengal is likely to hit the coast of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Maldives has given its name.
  • Currently, it is about 370 km southeast of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka. It will hit the Gulf of Mannar 3 December.
  • It is likely to hit the coast between Pamban and Kanyakumari on 4 December. These regions might get heavy rainfall and stormy winds.
  • Red alert has been issued in the Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta districts of Kerala.
  • Tropical Cyclone:
    • A cyclone is a low-pressure system with very high winds swirling around it.
    • Conditions favourable for the formation of tropical cyclones are —
      • Sufficiently warm sea surface
      • Sufficient Coriolis force to maintain a low-pressure center
      • Atmospheric instability
      • High humidity in low to medium levels of the troposphere

cyclonic storm

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Topic: Defence

6. Indian Navy successfully tested BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile in Anti-Ship mode.

  • Indian Navy has successfully test-fired the BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile in Anti-Ship mode on 1 December.
  • It has been test-fired with high precession on a decommissioned ship.
  • Supersonic missiles: Missiles that could travel at speed between 2-3 Mach are called Supersonic. It travels faster than the speed of sound. 
  • BrahMos supersonic cruise missile:
    • It is a medium-range ramjet supersonic missile that can be fired from land, water, and air.
    • It is developed by the joint venture of India (DRDO) and Russia (NPOM).
    • The name BrahMos is taken from the Brahmaputra and the Moskva rivers.
    • It was first launched in 2001.
    • It is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world.
    • It operates on the principle of ‘Fire and Forget’.
    • It is already operational with the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.
    • It has a maximum speed of 2.8 Mach

Brahmos missile

(Source: News on AIR)

Topic: National News

7. India signed a loan agreement with the Asian Development Bank for Meghalaya’s power distribution Sector.

  • The Government of India has signed a loan agreement of $ 132.8 million with the Asian Development Bank for strengthening and modernizing the power distribution Sector of Meghalaya.
  • This loan is provided under the grant of ADB’s Japan Fund for improving power quality.
  • It will help in the development and renovation of substations. It will also help upgrade the control room equipment, protection system and distribution lines in the state.
  • It will assist Meghalaya Power Distribution Corporation Limited in creating the distribution sector and financial road map.
  • Asian Development Bank (ADB):
    • It is a regional development bank established in 1966.
    • Members: 68 countries (49 members are from Asia Pacific region)
    • Masatsugu Asakawa is the current president of ADB. It has six Vice-Presidents.
    • Ashok Lavasa has recently become Vice-President of ADB by succeeding Diwakar Gupta. 
    • It is headquartered in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

Topic: State News/ Assam

8. ‘Orunodoi’ scheme launched by the Assam Government.

  • The Government of Assam has launched the ‘Orunodoi’ scheme to provide financial assistance to 18 lakh families of the state.
  • Under this scheme, Rs 830 per month will be transferred to the bank accounts of one of the female member of the family. It is one of the biggest reforms to empower women’s of the state.
  • It is launched by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal in Guwahati.
  • At present, it will be rolled out in 29 districts of the state.
  • The ‘Orunodoi’ scheme is the biggest direct benefit transfer scheme of the Assam Government.
  • Assam:
    • The state capital is Dispur. The largest city is Guwahati.
    • State Dance: Bihu, State Bird: White-winged wood duck
    • The State Governor is Jagdish Mukhi and Chief Minister is Sarbananda Sonowal.
    • Lok Sabha seats: 14, Rajya Sabha Seats: 7

Topic: Important Days

9. National Pollution Control Day observed on 2 December.

  • National Pollution Control Day is observed every year on December 2 in the remembrance of people who lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas tragedy.
  • It is celebrated to bring awareness about the dire consequences of environmental pollution. It also aims to aware people of industrial disasters.
  • According to the National Health Portal of India, every year 7 million people die due to environmental pollution.
  • The theme of this year’s National Pollution Control Day is to raise awareness about pollution control measures and to educate people about the methods to prevent from pollution consequences.
  • Bhopal Gas tragedy was occurred on 2-3 December due to leakage of methyl isocyanate from the Union Carbide plant.
  • Environmental pollution:
    • It is mainly caused due to the contamination of harmful substances in the natural environment.
    • It is caused by many factors such as emission of harmful gases, the flow of sewage in water bodies, heavy use of fertilizers, etc.
    • It can be of different types, such as air pollution, soil pollution and water pollution.
    • Pollution destroys the ecosystems in the environment.

Topic: Summits/ Conferences/ Meetings

10. Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways chaired review meeting for implementation of ‘Ramayan Cruise Tour’.

  • Minister of Ports, Shipping and Waterways has chaired a review meeting for implementation of ‘Ramayan Cruise Tour’ on the Saryu River in Ayodhya.
  • ‘Ramayan Cruise Tour’ will be launched soon and will be the first-ever luxury Cruise service on the Saryu river (Ghagra/National Waterways-40) in Ayodhya, UP.
  • It will be a fully air-conditioned 80-seater cruise. Its interior and boarding point will be as per the theme of Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas.
  • It will contain bio-toilets and hybrid engine system. There are seven most important pilgrimage sites (Mokshdayini Sapt Puris) for the Hindus. Ayodhya is the first of them.
  • Other six sites are Mathura, Mayapuri or Haridwar, Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Ujjain and Dwaraka.

Ramayan cruise tour

(Source: PIB)

Topic: Biotechnology and Diseases

11. Scientists recognize genes that promote heart regeneration by using Zebrafish as animal model.

  • Scientists at Agharkar Research Institute have recognized genes that promote heart regeneration using Zebrafish as an animal model.
  • Scientists have also tried to explain the heart regeneration process using Zebrafish as animal model. This can help in the treatment of cardiovascular disease in humans.
  • Zebrafish is native to Indo-Gangetic plains. It is mainly found in paddy fields and stagnant water and streams.
  • It is a tiny freshwater fish. It’s all organs, including the heart, brain show regeneration capacity in a short period of time.
  • It is an aquarium fish and sold under the trade name Danio. It is found in tropical and subtropical regions.
  • During embryonic stages, zebrafish show transparency and its organs can be observed.

heart regeneration promoted by Genes

(Source: The Indian Express)

Topic: Appointments

12. Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla appoints Utpal Kumar Singh as Secretary-General of Lok Sabha.  

  • Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla has appointed Utpal Kumar Singh as Secretary-General of Lok Sabha with effect from 1 December.
  • His rank and status will be of Cabinet Secretary. He is a retired IAS officer.
  • He has served as Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand and played an important role in the management of Ardh Kumbh at Haridwar.
  • He took the place of Snehlata Shrivastava, who was the first woman Secretary-General of Lok Sabha. She was appointed to the post on 1 December 2017.
  • Secretary-General serves as an advisor to Lok Sabha, its speaker and members. He advises them on parliamentary functions, procedure and practices.
  • Lok Sabha speaker selects Secretary-General. He is a civil servant and answerable to the speaker.

secretary general of lok sabha Utpal Kumar Singh

(Source: Indian Today)






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