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QOTD - Which of the following pair is not matched correctly?

2019-09-18 | Team PendulumEdu

Options: State ...

union council of ministers pendulumedu
Union Council of Ministers | Council of Ministers of Modi Govt.

2019-09-17 | Team PendulumEdu

Article 74 of the Indian constitution states that there shall be a Council of Ministers headed by the Prime Minister to aid and advice the ...

qotd english antonym synonym 17 09 2019
QOTD - English - Antonym/Synonym

2019-09-17 | Team PendulumEdu

In the following question, select the word most similar in meaning to the given word. ESTRANGE Options: A. Attract B. Unite C.  ...

qotd quantiative aptitude percentage pendulumedu
QOTD - Quantitative Aptitude - Percentages

2019-09-16 | Team PendulumEdu

If the income of a person is increased by 20% and his expenditure is increased by 15%, then what will be the percentage change in his savings if he wa ...

qotd general knowledge indian geography pendulumedu
QOTD - Among the following countries, with which does India share the least international border?

2019-09-15 | Team PendulumEdu

Options: A. Bhutan B. Pakistan C. China D. Bangladesh   Solution: ...

qotd general knowledge national park pendulumedu
QOTD - Which one of the following national park is not located in Assam?

2019-09-14 | Team PendulumEdu

Options: A.  Kaziranga National Park B.  Manas National Park C.  Namdapha National Park ...

jal shakti abhiyan pendulumedu
Jal Shakti Abhiyan launched by Jal Shakti Ministry

2019-09-13 | Team PendulumEdu

Jal Shakti Abhiyan has officially begun from 1st July 2019 and was launched by Union Jal Shakti Minister Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat for creating ...

qotd english phrase replacement pendulumedu.png

2019-09-13 | Team PendulumEdu

Direction: Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute, select No ...

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SSC CHSL 2018-19 TIER I EXAM RESULT and Cut off Declared. Check here!

2019-09-12 | Team PendulumEdu

The Staff Selection Commission has declared the result and cut off for the Combined Higher Secondary Level Tier 1 Examination 2018-19, which was held ...

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List of National Parks in India

2019-09-12 | Team PendulumEdu

A National Park is an area that is strictly reserved for the conservation of wildlife species and their environment. There are ...