Daily Current Affairs and GK | 9 June 2021

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Topic: National News

1. NITI Aayog launched ‘Surakshit Hum Surakshit Tum Abhiyaan’ in collaboration with Piramal Foundation.

  • NITI Aayog and Piramal Foundation have launched ‘Surakshit Hum Surakshit Tum Abhiyaan’ in 112 Aspirational Districts.
  • It has been launched to assist the district administrations of aspirational districts in the care of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.
  • It will be led by district magistrates in collaboration with local NGOs. Piramal Foundation will train volunteers of NGOs.
  • It will play a key role in district preparedness for managing Covid cases at home. It will also reduce pressure on the health system.
  • It will also monitor the usage of Oxygen concentrators in districts.

Surakshit Hum Surakshit Tum Abhiyaan

Topic: Defence

2. Indian Navy will receive three MH-60 'Romeo' Multi-Role Helicopters.

  • Indian Navy will receive three MH-60 Romeo helicopters from the United States.
  • In 2020, India and the United States had signed a deal of 16,000 crores to buy 24 MH-60 Romeo helicopters.
  • MH-60 Romeo helicopters are equipped with multi-mode radars and night-vision devices. These helicopters can operate from frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers.
  • It is also equipped with Hellfire missiles, torpedoes, and precision-guided weaponry.
  • These helicopters are mainly designed for hunting submarines and conducting search-and-rescue operations.
  • India is also working on finalizing a deal for buying 30 Predator drones from the United States.

Topic: State News/Haryana

3. Haryana CM announces “Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme” and Oxy Van (Oxygen Forests).

  • Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar has announced “Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme (PVDPS)” and Oxy Van (Oxygen Forests) on the occasion of World Environment Day.
  • Under the scheme, all those trees which are of the age of 75 years and above will be identified throughout the state. These trees will be looked after with the participation of local people.
  • Under PVDPS, a pension amount of Rs 2,500 will be given every year for the maintenance of trees older than 75 years. The pension will increase every year on the line of Old Age Samman Pension Scheme in Haryana.
  • Oxy Van (Oxygen Forests) will be planted on land from 5 acres to 100 acres in the cities of Haryana. Oxy Van (Oxygen Forests) are pieces of land on which around 3 crore trees would be planted.
  • Oxy Van (Oxygen Forests) will comprise Chit Van having ornamental and flowering plants, Pakhi Van having house plants and other plants.

Pran Vayu Devta Pension Scheme

Topic: Environment and Ecology

4. Raimona reserve forest in Kokrajhar district named as sixth national park of Assam.

  • Raimona reserve forest in Kokrajhar district has been named as sixth national park of Assam.
  • It is located in Kachugaon forest division, Gossaigaon sub-division, Kokrajhar district. It lies within Bodoland Territorial Region.
  • It covers the northern part of notified Ripu Reserve Forest along Indo-Bhutan border.
  • It is famous for Golden Langur. Asian elephant, tiger, clouded leopard, Indian gaur, wild buffalo, spotted deer, hornbill are other species found in Raimona reserve.
  • Assam has six national parks now. Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri, Orang and Dibru-Saikhowa are the other five national parks of Assam.
  • Reserve Forests are declared by respective state governments.
  • National Parks provide more protection to biodiversity. Grazing of livestock is prohibited in National Parks. National Parks can be declared by central government.
  • Assam currently has 20 wildlife sanctuaries (including 3 proposed), three tiger reserves (Manas, Nameri, Kaziranga), two biosphere reserves (Dibru Saikhowa, Manas) and one Ramsar site (Deepar Beel).

Topic: Appointments

5. Anup Chandra Pandey is appointed as an Election Commissioner.

  • President has appointed Anup Chandra Pandey as an Election Commissioner.
  • The seat was vacant after Sushil Chandra was promoted as Chief Election Commissioner.
  • Anup Chandra Pandey has worked on various key positions in the state and Central Government. He also served as Chief Secretary of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Election Commission consists of a Chief Election Commissioner and two Election Commissioners. Their tenure is of six years or till the age of 65, whichever is earlier.
  • Election Commission of India:
    • It is an autonomous constitutional body.
    • It is responsible to conduct elections of the Union and State.
    • Articles 324 to 329 of the Constitution is associated with powers, functions, tenure, eligibility, etc. of the Election Commission and its members.
    • Sushil Chandra is the current Chief Election Commissioner and Rajiv Kumar is the other Election Commissioner.

Topic: MoUs/Agreements

6. CESL signed an MoU with Administration to make Ladakh green and clean.

  • Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) and the Administration of Ladakh signed an MoU to make it clean and green.
  • CESL will start its work from the Zanskar Valley area. It will work on solar mini and microgrid solutions, energy-efficient lighting, energy storage-based solutions, efficient cooking stoves, and electric mobility solutions.
  • Energy access to all people of the state is the priority of Ladakh Administration. CESL and the Ladakh administration will implement many renewable, energy efficiency, and electric mobility projects.
  • CESL will promote the use of clean energy for heating, cooking, and transportation. It will help Ladakh in becoming a carbon-neutral Union territory.
  • Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL):
    • It is a 100% owned subsidiary of EESL – Convergence Energy Services Limited (Convergence).
    • It provides clean, affordable, and reliable energy.
    • It encourages solutions based on the confluence of renewable energy, electric mobility, and climate change.

Topic: Biotechnology and Diseases

7. Department of Biotechnology supported First CAR-T cell therapy.

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, IIT Bombay team and cancer care in India performed the first CAR-T cell therapy.
  • The Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapy is used in the treatment of Cancer. At present, this therapy is not available in India.
  • BIRAC and DBT have taken several initiatives for the development of CAR-T cell technology against cancer in last two years.
  • The TMC-IIT Bombay team are being supported through the National Biopharma Mission for conducting Phase I/II trial of their CAR-T product.
  • The CAR-T cell technology will be used for diseases like acute lymphocytic leukemia, multiple myeloma, glioblastoma, etc.
  • Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC):
    • It is a not-for-profit organization under the Department of Biotechnology (DBT).
    • It supports Biotech enterprises to undertake research and innovation.

Topic: Infrastructure and Energy

8. Bengaluru airport achieve net energy neutral status in FY 2020-21.

  • Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has achieved net energy neutral status in the Financial Year 2020-21.
  • Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) had set the target to become a Net Energy Neutral by 2020-21, it was part of their sustainability goal.
  • BIAL has saved around 22 lakh units of energy in the FY 2020-21. It has saved 17 lakh units of energy from the implementation of chiller plant optimization in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).
  • In 2020-21, Bengaluru airport has met 98% of its energy requirement from renewable energy.
  • BIAL has taken several measures to make Bengaluru airport environmentally efficient and sustainable.
  • BIAL has also signed a deal to purchase additional 20 Million units of Wind Power.

Bengaluru airport achieve net energy neutral status

Topic: International News

9. World Bank: Global economy likely to expand 5.6% in 2021.

  • The global economy is expected to expand 5.6 percent in 2021, it will be the fastest growth in the last 80 years.
  • According to the World Bank, the global output will be 2% below the pre-pandemic projection for the year 2021.
  • According to the latest edition of Global Economic Prospects, the per capita income loss for about two-thirds of emerging market and developing economies will not subside by 2022.
  • The World Bank slashed its 2021-22 GDP growth forecast for the Indian economy to 8.3% from 10.1%. It projected a 7.5% economic growth for 2022-23 fiscal year.
  • In 2021, China economic growth will be 8.5 percent and US growth will be 6.8 percent for this year.
  • Emerging market and developing economies will expand with the growth of 6% and this year economic growth in low-income economies will slowest in the last 20 years.
  • World Bank:
    • It was founded in 1944.
    • The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to governments.
    • It is headquartered in Washington DC, United States.
    • David Malpass is the current President of World Bank.

Topic: International News

10. Russia formally exits from Open Skies Pact after Putin’s approval.

  • President Putin has signed legislation, which signaled Russia’s formal exit from the 1992 Open Skies arms control treaty.
  • US had formally withdrawn from Open Skies treaty on 22 November 2020.
  • Open Skies treaty had become effective on January 1, 2002. It allows unarmed surveillance flights over member countries.
  • 34 other countries had signed the treaty. It was proposed by George H. W. Bush's administration in 1992.
  • Recently, the US and Russia have extended the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) for the next five years. It is a nuclear arms reduction treaty between US and Russia.

Topic: Appointments

11. Hitendra Dave to be appointed as Chief Executive Officer of HSBC India.

  • Hitendra Dave will be appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HSBC India on receipt of regulatory approval.
  • He has been appointed as interim CEO, with effect from June 7. He will succeed Surendra Rosha.
  • Earlier, he was head of Global Banking and Markets of HSBC India.
  • HSBC is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company.

Topic: Sports

12. Sunil Chhetri surpasses Argentina’s Lionel Messi.

  • Sunil Chhetri surpasses Argentina’s Lionel Messi and he has become the second-highest active international goal-scorer with 74 strikes.
  • He made this record in a joint preliminary qualifying round match for 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2023 AFC Asian Cup.
  • He is currently behind Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (103) in the active international goal-scorer list.
  • He also helped India register its first win in six years in World Cup qualifiers.
  • Chhetri is just a goal away from entering world football's all-time top-10.
  • Sunil Chhetri is an Indian professional footballer. He is popularly known as Captain Fantastic.

Sunil Chhetri surpasses Lionel Messi

Topic: International News

13. A new global database to identify missing persons through family DNA launched by Interpol.

  • The global database is named as I-Familia. It will help police solve cold cases in member countries by identifying missing persons through family DNA.
  • As per Interpol, the database used the DNA of relatives to identify missing persons or unidentified human remains around the world.
  • I-Familia has three components. They are listed below.
    • A dedicated global database to host the DNA profiles provided by relatives held separately from any criminal data.
    • DNA matching software called Bonaparte, developed by Dutch company Smart Research.
    • Interpretation guidelines developed by Interpol.
  • Interpol:
    • International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO) is commonly known as Interpol.
    • It is headquartered in Lyon, France. It was formed in 1923. Kim Jong Yang is president of Interpol.





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